Brinkburn Estate, Northumberland


An award winning Imaginative regeneration of a ruined and destroyed bothy and glass house, partly within the old kitchen garden for the priory. Surrounded by an impressive 300m 4m high brick wall, the garden glass house was re-imagined with a photovoltaic roof, vertical stripped glass and clad walls, with the bothy to the North acting as the older Victorian foil to the internal design. The 4m high brick wall bisects the building, as it travels around the garden.

Super insulated, passive solar enhanced, with an air source heat pump and the 20kW pv roof, this project is likely to be zero net carbon through it’s life-time. The building is also very air tight – under 2ach – which for a regeneration project with an historic structure cutting it in two, is an impressive achievement, which aids the Mechanical Ventilated Heat Recovery.