Opening Spring 2017

A Brightblue Studio Architect Led Design and Build project

The building is to serve as the gateway and way-finding point to the Druridge Bay area to open up the extraordinary coastal nature reserves to a wider public.

Part of this engagement is to build a building with mostly volunteer labour but a building that is benign in terms of impact in construction, use and future re-use of re-absorption into the landscape.

The project is intended to be the ‘greenest’ or most sustainable building in the north east and nationally an exemplar building. At the same time, the intention is for a building that costs significantly less than a similar building built using typical ‘eco’ products and delivered through the typical UK construction process.

The site is challenging have been previously an open cast mine and before that older shaft accessed seam mine. In addition, the particular location, chosen due to the excellent views over the nature reserve, straddles the ‘High wall’ which is the edge of the previously worked open cast mine.

The particular focus for the trust is on low embodied energy, low running costs, low cost construction, lower skilled construction

Brightblue Studio – RIBA Registered Architects have worked hard to develop a building utilising strategies and technologies that are both benign to the constructors, as well as the wider landscape. Brightblue studio have worked closely with Pittilla Bell – Consulting and Structural Engineers, to formalise technologies on this difficult site.

The intention is the strategic and technological approach can be disseminated for use on other sites for other communities, as well as used for further phases of development by the Trust.

For the key innovative aspects of the project see the sustainability page.