Tynemouth Station Pedestrian Bridge


Waste stream float glass; kiln-formed feet; interactive sound and light; Resin bonded bus stop shattered glass

Asking the traveller where they are from? where they are going?

More than 1400 pieces of glass creating a 28 metre-long glass carpet. Interactive sound and light is
triggered by sensors at the ends of the bridge, and leads the traveller to the other side.
The bridge installation was developed throughout a four-week ‘open studio’ at The Globe Gallery (INTERACT), during which local people were invited to contribute themselves, and see how it was being created.

Metro-morphosis received 12,000 visitors per week.

“Henry Amos’s giant project Metro-morphosis is one of the best installations in glass I have seen in the last years. I was really very impressed to see the piece in its first venue in the North Shields exhibition space at Tynemouth Metro Station.

The piece has a fantastic composition, idea, content and an utterly original use of technology. What is fascinating is the realization of these qualities on an incredibly huge scale.

It is one of the most significant projects of Henry Amos who is an extraordinary professional artist working in glass in the North East of England.”

Dr Sylva Petrova
Director of Institute for International Research in Glass
University of Sunderland